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Helps: Immunity, heart, digestion

From the States of Kerala and parts of West Bengal:

Rakthashali rice, also known as red rice or Oryza sativa, is native to the Indian subcontinent. It has been traditionally cultivated in regions such as Kerala and parts of West Bengal in India, as well as in countries like Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Distinctive Red Hue and Nutritional Richness:

Known for its distinctive red hue, Rakthashali captivates with not just its color but also its unparalleled nutritional richness, turning each meal into a sensory delight.

Holistic Wellness Package:

More than just rice, Rakthashali is a holistic wellness package, offering a flavorful journey that aligns with centuries-old traditions and a commitment to overall well-being.

Immunity-Boosting Properties:

This rice variety is a powerhouse of immunity-boosting properties, adding a layer of natural defense to your daily meals.

Heart Health and Digestive Harmony:

It contributes not only to a robust immune system but also aids in maintaining heart health and promoting good digestion, ensuring a harmonious balance for your well-being.



Helps: Digestion, blood sugar

From the Fields of West Bengal:

Gobindobhog, a rice variety rooted in the picturesque fields of West Bengal, epitomizes culinary excellence and cultural heritage.

Distinctive Aroma and Short Grains:

Known for its distinctive aroma and short grains, Gobindobhog offers a sensory journey with every bite, creating a unique and delightful experience.

Naturally Buttery Texture:

With a naturally buttery texture, Gobindobhog elevates your culinary experience, adding a touch of indulgence to your meals.

Digestive Benefits:

Beyond its culinary allure, Gobindobhog is celebrated for its digestive benefits, making it a thoughtful choice for overall well-being.

Positive Impact on Blood Sugar Levels:

This rice variety goes beyond the plate, positively impacting blood sugar levels and contributing to a health-conscious lifestyle.


Helps: Iron, digestion, blood sugar

From the Fields of Kerala:

Kavuni, a rice jewel from the lush fields of Kerala, emerges as a culinary delight with a touch of tradition.

Captivating Ebony Hue:

This rice variety captivates with its deep, ebony hue, creating an enticing visual appeal that sets it apart.

Unparalleled Nutritional Richness:

Kavuni offers more than just color; its unparalleled nutritional richness contributes to a wholesome dining experience.

Black Rice of India:

Known as the Black Rice of India, Kavuni is a symbol of culinary excellence with a rich cultural significance.

High Iron Content:

Celebrated for its high iron content, Kavuni becomes a preferred choice for those aiming to boost iron levels naturally.

Diabetes Management Support:

Beyond its culinary appeal, Kavuni is recognized for supporting diabetes management, adding a health-conscious dimension to your meals.

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